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None of us live in a vacuum, nor can we carry the load on our own.

I have worked hard to establish my business and to become a licensed, premier auctioneer. But I don't operate in a vacuum. I always feel honored when I am asked to step up and help out my "competition" during large auctions.

I have worked with H.K. Keller for years. Doing so has opened up incredible opportunities, helped to build new networks, and created new friendships.

I had such fun at this auction; helicopters, convertibles, scooters, great friends: Oh, my!!! What wasn't to love?

When I work with my customers, I do the same. If extra help is needed to make the sale not just a success but fun and interesting, I don't hesitate to reach out and bring my colleagues on board. In my experience, collaboration and fun are always critical keys to success.

From the H.K. Keller Donald Fetsko Car Collection and More Auction held on August 20, 2021:

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