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Sandy Schuckers

Centre County Senior Center Coalition

I first meet Tammy at an auction on location. She has an amazing way of working. She is enthusiastic, understandable and vivacious. A few years after this auction, Tammy volunteered her time for an evening fundraiser for CCSCC. She brought new ideas and excitement to the event. We were able to raise a lot more money for our non-profit because of her efforts. She continues to work and guide us through our fundraising events. She is fabulous to work with.

Lori Pacchioli

State College Friends School Administration

Tammy Miller is a woman with many gifts -- motivator, speaker, doer, all-around talented individual, but one of her greatest gifts is that of auctioneer!  We called on Tammy in an urgent situation for a major fund and friend raising event for our school when our volunteer auctioneer had to cancel.  Tammy stepped in at the last minute and orchestrated the auction like she had been with us for years.  The following year, we hired Tammy for the event.  She met with us in advance to fully understand the purpose and plan for the event, become familiar with our audience, and discuss our desired outcome.  Tammy shared ideas from her repertoire of auction and special event experiences, allowing us to add features we would never have thought of ourselves. When it came time for the event, Tammy was prompt, prepared, and professional. Then the magic happened . . . with such finesse, Tammy rolled through our auction items, creating happy energy and fun for participants. With a quick thought - she asked for permission to add a feature and raised an additional several thousand dollars for our Scholarship Fund.


Tammy is a whole package - marketer, auctioneer, advocate, cheerleader.  We're pleased to consider her as our professional auctioneer and blessed to call her friend.

Diane Brown

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) at Toastmasters International, Retired Penn State University

Tammy consistently receives rave reviews from participants. She uses humor to make all topics fun and memorable. Tammy has a deep and detailed knowledge of the subjects she presents. I would highly recommend her if you have 10 or 500 people in your group.

Michael Cortes

Education Technology Leader, Speaker, Coach, Oratorical Committee Chairman, and Marine Corps Veteran

I first met Tammy in her capacity as International Director for Toastmasters International. If you work with Tammy, you are guaranteed to be working with someone who will help you to succeed in whatever you pursue. She has always conducted herself in a manner that allows you excel and succeed. She is an outstanding mentor, coach, and friend. If you want inspiration, guidance, assistance, and excellence; Tammy Miller can get you there.

Tammy Gentzel

Former Executive Director, Centre County United Way; Independent Contractor

Tammy Miller worked with Centre County United Way as an auctioneer and led us to  great success in fundraising for special events. Her dynamic presentation, creative approach, and warm personality were keys to our success. (Disclaimer: I am now contracting with Tammy to help manage her website and social media platforms).

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